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Vehicle Warranty & Repairs, Surrey

Repairs to Vehicles Still Under the Manufacturers Warranty

Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW. All makes, Manufacturer Warranty Servicing

Fact - The Law

In October 2003 the European Parliament introduced new legislation to ensure a free market in the sale and servicing of motor vehicles

This means that you the customer benefit from protecting your warranty benefits whilst not having to pay main dealer labour rates.

  • Any independent operator has equal access to main dealer training, diagnostic hardware, software and tools
  • Any service carried out in accordance with the manufacturers schedule will maintain the new car warranty
  • Carlians, who have invested in exactly the same diagnostic equipment as the manufacturers franchised dealers and is updated every month directly from the manufacturer
  • You can be sure that when your car is serviced with Carlians you get technical expertise at a great value for money price

(Although the manufacturer cannot stipulate where your car is serviced it can keep the warranty work within its own dealer network, therefore we are unable to undertake warranty or recall work)